Shout Out To Coastal Wrestling Championship!

For the past few years, clients from Victory Living Programs' Social and Recreational Program have enjoyed attending the Coastal Wrestling Championship competitions. The wrestlers have gotten to know the folks from Victory Living Programs (VLP) and always make a point of coming over to speak and take photos with them. "The pro wrestling business is something that has brought all walks of life to our shows - it brings everyone together. Thank you to Victory Living Programs for being so loyal to Coastal, it's always a pleasure to have your clients attend our events," said Head Trainer Pablo Marquez.


This past month, the folks from VLP had an additional treat when they had the opportunity to meet Chris Van Vliet, four time Emmy winning entertainment reporter with South Florida's WSVN’s famous Deco Drive, who was on-site covering the event.


The vision of Coastal Wrestling Championship is to develop an affordable product that the whole family can enjoy, and to present that product on a regular basis in South


Florida. By doing so, Coastal Championship Wrestling has created a loyal fan base for the past 14 years. In addition to the wrestling school, the organization runs 15 to 30 events a year in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties at a variety of different venues, including county fairs, festivals, and local arenas and gymnasiums. To learn more, visit