Words About Us

Our Mission: Victory Living Programs provides individualized services and opportunities to persons with disabilities
so that they may experience life to its fullest and reach their highest level of independence.
Based in warm, beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Victory Living Programs offers our clients a safe, soothing and welcoming environment that allows them to form everlasting friendships, learn new things,  socialize with their peers, live more independently and thrive!

For the past four decades, Victory Living Programs has created independent living environments for thousands of people with disabilities.  Victory Living Programs offers premier supported independent living programs that place clients in their own individual, luxurious apartments. In addition to the top-tier supported independent living programs, Victory Living Programs also offers an extensive array of programming to assist clients with securing and maintaining employment, learning new skills, volunteering in the community and socializing with their peers  - all of which make it possible to infuse independence and transform the lives of people with disabilities.

We invite you to learn more about Victory Living Programs by watching our video and look forward to having you join our family!