Employment Program

Who Can Participate: Adults with Disabilities
Age Requirement: 14 years and older (based on program)
Payment Options: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Agency for Persons with Disabilities/Medicaid Waiver or Private Pay
Transportation: Not Provided
Pre-Placement Training/Be Ready
The "Be Ready" Program

Victory Living's program entitled "Be Ready" offers a unique curriculum that is the first step toward helping individuals with disabilities prepare for employment opportunities. 

The “Be Ready” curriculum for pre-employment offers a variety of interactive learning styles such as class discussions, computer activities, games, role-playing, worksheets and videos. Throughout this curriculum the participants will learn and apply skills that are essential to succeeding in educational settings and in the world of work. These transferable skills include, but are not limited to: 

  • Brainstorming
  • Computer knowledge
  • Development of basic employment seeking skills
  • Evaluating options
  • Identifying barriers and strategies for overcoming them
  • Establishing priorities
  • Research skills
  • Making decisions
  • Developing time-management strategies 

The objectives of this 20 hour pre-placement training program curriculum of both lecture and interactive exchange are to provide jobseekers with the necessary pre-employment skills, empower individuals for success, and to promote job retention/advancement. 

The curriculum enables workers to not only demonstrate their readiness to successfully enter the workplace, but retain and advance in their positions. 
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