Board Member Spotlight: Robert Holroyd

Robert Holroyd, Victory Living Programs’ newest board member, has been working with Children’s Service Council as the Government Affairs Manager for almost three years. A Broward County native, Robert’s main responsibilities include serving as the policy point person for federal, state and elected officials to craft policies that are beneficial for children and families in the state of Florida and Broward County. As the Government Affairs Manager, Robert is involved with the community and helps find unique partnerships and assistance programs that exist in the community for family and children.


Robert decided to join Victory Living Programs' Board of Directors because he has always had a passion for serving individuals with disabilities. “I have a cousin who is my age on the spectrum, and I’ve noticed that as he’s gotten older, he’s had more difficulty accessing any type of support,” says Robert. “I love the opportunities and support that Victory Living Programs provides and I really wanted to be a part of that.”


As a board member for Victory Living Programs, Robert hopes to facilitate Victory Living Programs’ services and assistance programs into the community at large and wants to help discover unique partnerships within the community that could benefit the organization. He strives to provide as much support and assistance as possible for the community and individuals with disabilities through Victory Living Programs and beyond.


“I love watching my cousin and other individuals participate in programs such as the Special Olympics. I love going to the games and watching the comradery and social aspects it provides for people like my cousin. It’s all so special, and I’m very happy to be a part of it.” We’re happy to have you on board, Robert. Welcome to the team!