In Loving Memory of Gloria Schwartz

Dear Members of the VLP Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I share the passing of Gloria Schwartz.

For more than 35 years, Gloria was a dedicated member of the VLP family and her service was an integral part of our community. She served as a Lifetime Director on VLP’s Board of Directors, her husband Ronald serves as President Emeritus, and their son, Gary, is a client in our Supported Living and Supported Employment Programs.

Gloria, along with being a Lifetime member of the Board, served Victory Living Programs in a variety of areas through the years, including: being the Treasurer of the board for several years, a member of our fundraising auxiliary, the AngeLs of Victory, since its inception, along with her husband Ron, spearheaded the Capital Campaign to raise monies for the apartment and office buildings in Dania. Gloria also donated her time to serve as a consultant in human resource matters, and to assist in various holiday events for the individuals in our programs. She also was always willing to provide her time or monetary support when approached for any individual needs of clients in the programs.

Gloria, who was one of the Hidden Children of the Holocaust, and lost her parents during World War II, understood better than most the need to give back. Gloria dedicated her time to bettering the future of VLP, and we are forever grateful for her service. She will be missed and will continue to live in our hearts.


Bobbi Wigand, Executive Director