Staff Spotlight: Ingrid Kerr

This month, Victory Living Programs is highlighting one of our Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program team members, Ingrid Kerr. A Miami native, Ingrid has been working with Victory Living since October 2018. Before joining the Victory Living team, Ingrid worked in the public sector as a regulatory officer, auditing and reviewing federal and state government contracts for compliance. Ingrid also conducted investigations of allegations of alcoholic and tobacco infractions, child support enforcement, and collective bargaining.


 Ingrid loves working for Victory Living because she enjoys working with people that love life, have honor, and want to make a difference for those in need.


 “At Victory Living, I love to empower our clients, and I strive to always educate them on how to be independent and to advocate for themselves,” says Ingrid. “I love the expression on their faces when a task is completed.”




Through Victory Living’s Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program, Ingrid hopes her clients not only achieve the greatest level of independence, but also increase their strength, empowerment and confidence to complete daily tasks. When looking to the future, Ingrid hopes to continue to serve as an asset for her clients who are working diligently to achieve their overarching goals.


When Ingrid is not working with the clients at Victory Living Programs, you can catch her singing along to her favorite tunes! We are so happy to have you as part of our Victory Living family, Ingrid. You are such an asset to our team and thank you for working hard to help our clients to achieve their greatest level of independence.