VLP Success Story of the Month
BY Laurie Menekou
September 12, 2013


Wendy Wohl has a wonderful attitude. According to Wendy, there’s no reason to go through life with “a long face,” and “you just have to be happy. “

Wendy  started with Victory Living in 1995 thanks to the advice of a friend. Through VLP, she was set up with a coach who helps her with many things like grocery shopping and with her check book. “She even helps me with my laundry. I used to be bad at doing my whites, but now I’m much better at it,” said Wendy.  She also got her job at Publix with the help of VLP. Wendy says she loves her job and that she gets along really well with all her co-workers. It’s her job to greet people and to help bag groceries. She has been with Publix for 16 years now.

At home, Wendy lives with a roommate.  Each of them has a coach who helps them with cooking and cleaning and other daily upkeep obligations.  Wendy speaks fondly of her coach, Viola, whom she says “ helps give her the ability to do many of her daily chores on her own”.

Wendy enjoys being a part of Victory Living Programs and can hardly believe that she’s been with them for 18 years now. Time does fly when you’re having fun, and with VLP, Wendy participates in a lot of fun things. She likes to join in on several of the activities that VLP hosts; l especially like movies and bingo. 

Wendy credits Victory Living with supporting her to reach the successful life she lives today… a stable job she has enjoyed for many years,  her own home with a compatible roommate, and most importantly,  she enjoys the confidence of knowing she can handle her daily life independently.  Wendy is a great example of what Victory Living’s mission statement describes, in stating:  “that they may experience life to its fullest and reach their highest level of independence.” Keep up the good work Wendy! 

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