Staff Spotlight: Tricia Ayoung Chee
BY Laurie Menekou
September 30, 2016

Our new Employment Specialist, Tricia Ayoung Chee has a rich heritage. Her grandfather settled in Trinidad from China and her mother is of Indian descent via Trinidad. Although Tricia was born and raised right here in South Florida, she feels blessed that her background is rich in tradition and firmly believes "family is everything."

Tricia holds a degree from Florida State University in Rehabilitation Counseling.  She had originally planned to study medicine, however after working alongside a doctor in a rehab center, she learned that "people in rehab want to get better, to improve." Attracted to that determination and positive outlook, Tricia experiences it each and every day now working at Victory Living Programs.

When asked what she likes most about her job she says, "I have applied for jobs and have known at the end I was just a name on an application. It is hard enough without a disability. I love that I can help people get past that, to find their voices and to succeed." 

In her spare time, Tricia's enjoys teaching Yoga, listening to and finding new music and quotations that will enhance her classes.  She loves science and reading about medical research and breakthroughs. In fact, she loves everything about health and fitness. She also likes movies and travel. 

Tricia believes in success. When asked if she has been to China she replies, "Yes, and there is a saying, 'You aren't really Chinese until you have climbed the wall.' So I did."  This positive attitude will certainly enhance Victory Living Programs, and we are happy to welcome Tricia to the team.


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