Meet Robyn Ames
BY Laurie Menekou
May 27, 2016

Please join us in welcoming Robyn Ames to the Victory Living family. In March 2016, Robyn joined the VLP team as a Supervisor for the Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program.

“I have always loved working with people with 'different' abilities" and believe we need to help everyone to know that these citizens recognize no barriers, and know no limits,” said Ames. 

Born in Bermuda and raised in Michigan, Robyn graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Social Work. Then, she went on to get her second degree in American Sign Language, in which she is fluent. 

Robyn has one son attending college and two dogs. She loves the beach, nature, reading, and loves cooking to the point that she will "read a cook-book like a novel." Although she has been away from it for a while, Robyn paints in both oil and watercolor. To ease herself back into it, she has been painting a watercolor journal; each week she paints a scene from the events of her week.  

She has traveled extensively, from Rome to St. Lucia and hopes to go to Africa someday.  When she is not working, she spends time with her husband, an educator who also plays the drums in a jazz and blues band.

Join us in welcoming Robyn to the Victory Living family!


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