Meet Manny: October 2016 Client of the Month
BY Laurie Menekou
October 31, 2016

This month, Victory Living Programs is shining a spotlight on Manny.  Since the summer of 2016, Manny has been an active and enthusiastic client. Originally from Michigan, Manny participates in both the Adult Day Training/Community Inclusion Program as well as our Social/Recreation Programs.

In Manny’s own words, he says that VLP has helped him grow as a community member. “The staff inspires me,” Manny said. “They listen to me and help me in the community.”

Most recently, Manny joined the Special Olympics bowling team and hopes to also join the basketball team.  Always an optimist, he seeks to live on his own one day, become a good cook, live healthy, and spend lots of time with his friends. His appreciative spirit and happiness shines bright among his VLP friends.

“My hobbies are helping others. I volunteer my time with the food pantry, In Jacob’s Shoes and Margate Elementary School,” he said. “I love to dance! I’m a party animal when it comes to dancing.”

Congratulations Manny – you are October’s client of the month and we are so happy you are part of the VLP family!

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