Meet Eric Friedberg: January 2017 Client Of The Month
BY Laurie Menekou
February 01, 2017

This month we are recognizing Eric Friedberg as our client of the month. Eric has been involved with Victory Living’s Supported Living and Employment Programs and is on his way to living, working and playing more independently.

Eric has been in the Supported Living Program for 2 months and is enjoying his independence. Known for keeping his room clean and pitching in to take out the trash, Eric is a wonderful roommate to Steven and Daniel. “Eric is very easy to get along with, has a pleasant demeanor and is incredibly polite,” says Viola Rouse, Eric’s Supported Living Coach.

Now in his fourth month working for Publix, Eric is spreading his wings with the help of his employment coach, Lauren Vaneman. Lauren believes that Eric's biggest asset is his warm heart, big smile and willingness to help others.

When asked about his work ethic, Lauren says, "Eric is punctual, always groomed to perfection, and willing to go in and lend a helping hand when Publix is in need of additional staff."

When Eric is not working he enjoys participating in Special Olympics bowling and skiing and watching sports and movies. Eric, congratulations on all you have achieved so far, we know you will continue to expand your horizons and be successful in all that you do! 

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