Meet Chris Bentley: September 2016 Client Of The Month
BY Laurie Menekou
September 30, 2016

October is Employment Disabilities Awareness Month and in honor of this, Victory Living Programs is shining a spotlight on Chris Bentley, an employee of Society of Saint Vincent De Paul Thrift Store and a member of Victory Living Programs’ Supported Living Program.

Chris has been working at Saint Vincent’s Thrift Store for three decades. When he first joined the store, he assisted with sorting, folding and hanging the donated clothing. Through the years his job duties and responsibilities have grown to include a wide variety of tasks. No job is too big or small. Chris is always willing to provide a helping hand and to learn a new task.

His supervisor, Mary Alice Blair describes him as incredibly reliable and a pleasure to have on the team. “On many days, if I did not have Chris, I don’t know what I’d do,” she said. “He helps with everything from sorting the clothing, to keeping the aisles free of clutter, to straightening the books and CDs, to helping with donors and customers and even providing security at times. He is wonderful! We love him and so do the customers.”

Chris carries these honorable traits into all aspects of his life. He has successfully lived in the community with his roommate for any years. He is a fierce competitor in Special Olympics bowling and athletics, an active participant in all of Victory Living Programs’ various activities and events, and a dedicated member of the Knights of Columbus. . He is also celebrating 27 happy years with his beloved girlfriend, Lina. 

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