Meet Bobby Spencer: November 2016 Client of the Month
BY Laurie Menekou
November 30, 2016

Bobby Spencer is Victory Living Programs’ (VLP) client of the month for November 2016. November is a time for giving thanks  and Bobby Spencer is a most thankful person. He always has a thank you and a kind word at the tip of his tongue for everyone. When Diane Spencer, his mom, was asked how others would describe him, she said “happy, social, well-mannered and most of all, caring.” 

It is his caring nature that makes Bobby a good friend to so many of his peers. “When he comes home from the day program, he is often concerned if one of his friends was upset that day or sick – it is very sweet,” said his mom Diane. 

Having participated in  VLP’s social and recreational program for many years, Bobby has recently expanded his participation by joining the Adult Day Training/Community Inclusion Program in July. Through the years Bobby has developed a love for singing karaoke and playing on VLP’s basketball, bowling and volleyball teams.  His mom also volunteers from time to time to drive Bobby and his fellow athletes to and from the Special Olympics games. 

When asked what he wants for Christmas, Bobby responds without hesitation, “a brown watch and new sneakers!” His mom can attest he has an obsession for watches and sneakers. 

Congratulations Bobby Spencer, you are a gifted individual and your VLP family is so proud to call you a friend. Your caring nature is valued, especially during this holiday season, and we appreciate you sharing your kindness with us all.

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