March 2014 Client of the Month
BY Laurie Menekou
March 11, 2014

Steven Toloza has been a participant of Victory Living Programs’ Adult Day Training Program for more than two years. An affectionate young man who enjoys family life with his mom, dad and siblings, Steven has been selected as March’s client of the month for his dedication to volunteering at Margate Elementary School, a volunteer opportunity that is part of Victory Living’s Adult Day Training Program.

“Steven came to us after he aged out of Taravella High School,” states Bobbi Wigand, Victory Living Programs’ Executive Director. “Today, he has really come out of his shell, greets everyone with a bright smile. It is his cheerful disposition that makes him a star volunteer with the elementary school students.”

In addition to his love for the Miami Heat basketball team, pizza and spaghetti, Steven has a slight obsession with music and a huge obsession with one pop star. According to his Mom, Pam, “Justin Bieber rules his life...his number one goal is to meet Justin Bieber.”

Steven is also a member of Victory Living’s Special Olympics bowling and bocce team and in his free time, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Jennifer, and his best friend Youses. 

When asked about Steven’s contagious positive energy, staff member Debbie Toombs stated, “Every morning in the Adult Day Training Program, the group exercises to music and Steven is a dancing star! We are happy that this nice young man is part of the Victory Living family!”

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