Employee Spotlight: Lurean Taylor
BY Laurie Menekou
April 30, 2018

Lurean Taylor started working at Victory Living Programs as an Employment Specialist on April 3, 2018. Her main responsibilities include assisting people with disabilities and helping with job development so that clients can contribute to a diverse workforce.

Originally from Jamaica, Lurean has been a Broward County resident for 22 years. Before arriving at Victory Living Programs, Lurean was a job coach for two years. While learning about the day-to-day aspects of her position, she realized she wanted to do more for people with disabilities.

“When this position at Victory Living Programs came up, I embraced the opportunity,” she says. “I just knew it would help me gain more knowledge and assist individuals with disabilities in a meaningful way."

So far, she is already enjoying working here.

“Being fairly new, I was welcomed into the community by Bobbi Wigand, she was very warm and made me feel comfortable,” she says. “The staff has been very pleasant and quickly made me feel like part of the family.”

When asked about her long-term job goals, Lurean says she hopes to bring awareness of Victory Living Programs to different companies so they can see why they should hire people with disabilities.

"I want to show them why they should give people with disabilities a chance to become part of the workforce and be independent," she says. "Companies will be able to grow when they hire people with disabilities."

We're glad to have Lurean on our team!

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