Congratulations Icee Stengel
BY Laurie Menekou
June 30, 2017

Icee Stengel has been participating in Victory Living Programs' social recreational program since she was a student at Stoneman Douglas High School.  She recently joined our Employment Programs to search for employment and also began volunteering with the ADT/Community Inclusion Program. Through her efforts, and with the assistance of her Employment Specialist, Icee obtained employment with Publix as a front service clerk.

"Icee is a very responsible young lady and is excited to embark on this new journey," said her Employment Specialist Tricia Ayoung Chee. "She looks forward to starting her new job and is thrilled to be working for Publix as she is an active Special Olympics athlete and Publix is a dedicated supporter of Special Olympics." 

Congratulations Icee! Your Victory Living family is proud of you for achieving a higher level of independence.

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