Client Spotlight: Wendy Wohl
BY Laurie Menekou
January 30, 2019

For this month’s client spotlight, Victory Living Programs is featuring one strong and special individual, Wendy Wall. Two years ago, Wendy experienced a horrific accident that knocked her off her feet. Today, she has almost fully recovered and is back with Victory Living Programs’ Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program participating in bocce ball, cooking classes, dance classes and more!

Wendy is more than excited to be back with Victory Living Programs and to be recovering alongside her friends. “This program has given Wendy her independence back, she’s gotten her hope and spark back,” said Lori Caporaso, ADT/Community Inclusion Program Supervisor. “Through Victory Living’s life-skills program, Wendy can once again do things for herself such as cooking a simple meal and typing her name and address.”

Wendy loves the independence that Victory Living has helped her achieve. “I love the program because we get to do fun things like playing bocce ball, shopping, and volunteering at the school - I just love being with everybody and the staff is very good,” said Wendy.

In the coming months, Wendy will continue to work through her recovery process with the support of her Victory Living family. While she currently resides in a fantastic group home she looks forward to being able to live on her own with a roommate, or a potential husband!

We are so happy and excited to have you back, Wendy! You are such a bright light in our world and we can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you will accomplish.


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