Client Spotlight: Elizabeth Shoemaker
BY Laurie Menekou
May 27, 2016

Elizabeth Shoemaker is a world traveler. In addition to visiting many countries in Europe and South America, Elizabeth has also traveled to Australia, Israel, and Easter Island. In the next year, she will visit Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and later Peru. 

A long-time participant in Victory Living’s Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program, Elizabeth is part of a crew that volunteers at a local elementary school. Committed to her volunteer efforts, bussing tables in the cafeteria, she is very proud to have recently been recognized with an “outstanding service” award for her efforts.

When she is not at the Community Inclusion/ADT Program, Elizabeth loves taking part in the VLP Social/Recreation Program. She enjoys karaoke, eating out, the movies, and being around people. What she really enjoys, she says, is "teasing Bobbi." She is active in Special Olympics, and names bocce and bowling as her top sports. 

The VLP family congratulates this witty, determined woman on taking such pride in her work and for sharing such a positive attitude with us all. Keep up the good work Elizabeth!

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