A Lifelong Commitment
BY Laurie Menekou
August 27, 2014

Helping individuals with disabilities reach new heights is something Josh Pollock has been committed to for many years. After concluding a successful career in sales, Josh followed his heart and desire to have a larger impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities and joined the VLP team as an Employment Specialist.

Josh's desire to assist individuals with disabilities started at a very young age when he would volunteer alongside his mom, Sheila, who has been involved with Special Olympics for many years. Today, both she and Josh are current members of the County Management Team for Special Olympics of Broward County.

Additionally, for the past seven years Josh has been involved with Camp Yofi in Georgia. Camp Yofi serves families that have children with Autism providing a fun place where they all can enjoy various activities with the full support of the staff. Josh recently participated as a one-on-one counselor for a child with Autism.

This man of many talents was also a drummer with the University of Florida Marching Band as well as a percussionist in the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble. He describes himself as a very good cook, and he enjoys collecting coins. He also says he is a good singer, but, oddly, only when he is alone in his car.

What keeps this young man committed to VLP? “Seeing my clients succeed. Having a client call me, long after the case has closed and hearing how well he or she is still doing,” said Josh. The entire VLP team values Josh's gifts and enthusiasm as they have truly had a positive impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

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