Client Spotlight: Meet Sara, Kristy and Maria
BY Laurie Menekou
November 02, 2018

For this month’s client spotlight, Victory Living Programs is featuring three special young ladies, Maria S., Christy D., and Sara K. - who happen to be best friends. All three participate in the Community Inclusion/ADT Program and have been successful in strengthening their skills to be more independent and continue building their bond with each other and their peers.

After participating in the ADT Program for some time, Maria reached out to her friends Christy and Sara and asked them to join the Community Inclusion/ADT Program. Today, all three are active participants and they work together on various projects and skill building activities from cooking to computer class, community projects, social outings, and more. Maria, Christy and Sara are also involved and passionate about cheerleading for special Olympics and dancing. They love participating in the dance classes offered at Community Inclusion/ADT to sharpen their moves!  “My favorite part of dancing is moving to the music, and jumping with my feet up,” said Christy D. “And I love doing cartwheels,” adds Maria S.

“The Community Inclusion/ADT program at VLP has given Maria, Christy and Sara the ability to challenge themselves, learn and develop their skills, have fun with peers and staff, and build on their skills to become even more independent,” said Lori Caporaso, Adult Day Training Supervisor.

Through Victory Living Programs’ Community Inclusion/ADT Program, Maria, Sara and Christy are constantly strengthening their skills to work and cooperate with others to reach a common goal, improving their communication skills, advocating for themselves and engaging in activities that are new to them - all while confidently helping others in need. “I love to volunteer and my favorite is volunteering with In Jacob’s Shoes,” said Sara K.

“We’re new to this program, we’ve only been here since August but Sara loves it,” says Sara’s mother, Diane. “They’re like one big family. Everybody takes care of everybody. It’s the best thing I could have done for her. She loves going every day, and her friends Christy and Maria also participate in Special Olympics cheerleading where they just made it to the State Games! Sara is a little more outgoing because of ADT and her vocabulary is growing. We’re so happy!”

Keep shining ladies, your Victory Living family is proud of all you have and will continue to accomplish!

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