Client Spotlight: David Tennant
BY Laurie Menekou
December 03, 2018

For this month’s client spotlight, Victory Living Programs (VLP) is featuring one brave and special individual, David Tennant, who experienced a terrible accident in June and is currently recovering. “David is working on his rehabilitation,” said his mom Marty. “He’s accomplished a lot in six months, he’s progressed, and it’s amazing. With a lot of care and prayers, we’re going to get to a full recovery!”

When asked about the impact VLP has had on David’s life, Marty explains that David has participated in just about everything VLP offers. David is a Special Olympics athlete, where he participates in basketball, bowling and track, and he is a talented cook. His roommates call him the “chef” of the household since he cooks such delicious dishes!

“My husband and I always wanted David to have a place, to have a family, and after his Dad passed away it was always so great that David had that other (VLP) family, that other support system with him,” said Marty.

Most recently, David became an honoree inductee in the fire department. “It’s always been his dream to become a fireman, and for a man who has limitations to be able to accomplish that, for me that’s unbelievable,” says Marty. “He’s never let anything hold him back.”

David’s entire VLP family is wishing him a speedy recovery and his roommates look forward to having him back in the kitchen. When asked about his experience with VLP, David replies, “I’m glad I’m in Victory Living Programs and I hope I can continue the program, they’re the best,” says David.

Stay strong David, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!


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