Adult Day Training Program Testimonial
BY Laurie Menekou
April 22, 2013

I have a son with a developmental disability. Upon graduation from high school, Joaquim went through Vocational Rehabilitation and was referred to an organization for job placement. He was able to secure various jobs, but has not been able to maintain employment, due to a variety of reasons. Vocational Rehabilitation funding is short-term which assisted with helping him seek employment, but not providing the on-going support he needs to be able to maintain a job. He is waiting for funding for services through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities which would cover the cost of the follow-along services. Unfortunately, he is one of many thousands of individuals waiting for funding in Florida.

As a result, Joaquim was forced to stay at home. My husband and I both work and our younger son is still in school, so this meant he was home alone all day by himself. The skills that Joaquim had worked so hard to develop through the years were beginning to be lost. We also noticed an increase in behavioral issues. Thankfully, we found Victory Living Programs and were able to enroll Joaquim into their programs. He participates in all their social and recreational programs. Through these programs, he has not only been able to maintain his skills, he has also developed new skills.

Joaquim's patience and ability to get along with others has improved tremendously, as well as his physical and mental sharpness. The services and training that he receives from Victory Living Programs have been invaluable. The staff is amazing and has been of great benefit to Joaquim's further development. This program has been a tremendous asset to my son's life.

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