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I have a son with a developmental disability. Upon graduation from high school, Joaquim went through Vocational Rehabilitation and was referred to an organization for job placement. He was able to secure various jobs, but has not been able to maintain employment, due to a variety of reasons....

Victory Living’s popular and unique Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program provides an opportunity for adults with disabilities to learn new skills, volunteer in the community and form everlasting friendships in a fun environment!

For many of our clients, the Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program serves as the perfect platform to continue building upon the foundation they developed while attending public school. Additionally, Victory Living’s Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program offers a safe and productive daily environment that provides peace of mind for our clients’ parents/caregivers who work full-time..

Under the supervision and guidance of Victory Living’s support staff, Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program participants enjoy a fun, social atmosphere that promotes further development of their own special talents and skills to enhance both their own lives and the lives of others within their community.

Community Inclusion/Adult Day Training Program Activities include:

Community-wide volunteer opportunities 
Arts & crafts projects which support other area nonprofit causes and events
Computer skills
Cooking & baking                                                          Gardening
Housekeeping skills
Music and dance classes
Sewing skills



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